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Garden Plant Markers


Good Morning, Katie here! It might still be cold where some of you live, but here in Texas it’s been nice and warm lately, which is why I’ve started planning out my spring garden. I made these cute garden stakes to mark my plants using Design Memory Craft products, here’s how:

Draw or stamp bunnies (or other cute critter!) onto white cardstock. I freehanded mine using my small black PITT pen.

Bunny (1)

Color your bunnies. I used my Aquarelles to color them in, and then I went over them with a damp paintbrush to give them the water color look.

Bunny (2)

6a0134896f7ad2970c017c3664aa93970b-800wiBunny (4)

Cut them out, you can cut right up against your shape or leave a little bit of white cardstock like I did.Laminate them by sandwiching them between 2 pieces of transparent contact paper, and then trimming them up but leaving about a ¼ edge of contact paper. This will waterproof them.

I used wooden kabob sticks for my stakes, and colored them using some Stampers Big Brush pens. The colors of the big brush pen are still very bright and colorful on wood.

Place a dot of glue on the back of your bunnies and attach the end of your kabob. Let it dry.

Bunny (5)



Stamper’s Big Brush Pen Chrome Yellow, Light Blue, May Green& Pink Madder

Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils RED, GREEN, BLUE & YELLOW sets

PITT® Artist Pens: BLACK

Other Supplies:

White Cardstock



Katie Smith is a published artist currently living in Texas. She loves scrapbooking, sewing, art journaling, mixed media and trying new craft techniques.  She has been crafting and creating since she was a young girl, but started her blog, Punk Projects, in January of 2010 where she posts craft tutorials, inspiration and features other artists.

You can find out more about Katie here: BlogFacebook, Twitter


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these are adorable!

Those are super cute!

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    Looks great. Thank you for the tutorial.

  • TracyM #6773 on Sketching on the go with Mou

    Your sketches are really beautiful Mou!!!
    Your vacations must be even more memorable for having your sketchbook - thank you for sharing!!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS Elly and Cassandra!!!

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    How very exciting! Congrats to Elly too! Your lighthouse has amazing patterning.:)

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    I love your designs. And will be attempting to mimic them this week. Keep up your talent.
    Also, needed to say,..........Each time I find something I like it always calls for something more. Could u tell us if we could sub something else that we might have on hand?
    Like gesso with some elmers added? Just wondering. As a senior citizen, living on 700 a month I cant go out and buy. If there are a few cuts, tricks please email me. tks. vickie [email protected]

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