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12 Days of Christmas Inspirations, Day 7: A Christmas Wreath

FC Wreath (2)

Hi everyone, Miae here with a fun Christmas décor idea for the upcoming holidays! Wreaths are popular and they’re a great way to add a festive feel to any room, doorway or mantle. I decided to make a wreath out of mini bulb ornaments and my Faber Castell Design Memory Craft® Gelatos®.

FC Wreath (8)

Start by covering the bulbs with tissue paper. I first stamped all over the tissue paper then tore out strips. I used Mod Podge to paste the tissue on.

FC Wreath (5)
FC Wreath (6)

Next color your ornaments with the Gelatos®.  I colored the ornaments directly with the Gelatos®  then took a wet paintbrush to them. 

FC Wreath (7)

I went with slightly non traditional colors and decided to attempt an ombre effect. The whole Mix & Match concept works very well here, I just grabbed my blue Gelato® and worked from with light blue, metallic blue and dark blue.

FC Wreath (9)

I repeated the process with some even smaller ornaments and colored them with the metallic Silver Gelatos®.

Now pull out your glue gun and wreath backing and glue the ornaments on. I glued my ornaments from lighter to darker blue.

Emboss your sentiment on the tag and color the edges with the Gelatos™. Use your finger to blend.

FC Wreath

Tie a tulle bow and add your tag and you’re all done! Enjoy!

MiaeMiae Rowe Sometime ago I discovered this thing called scrapbooking and it's fair to say I'm an addict! I love color, I love texture, I love putting all that together! Life with my Aussie husband and our 2 daughters is full of plenty of adventures for me to photograph and get creative with...fodder for the fuel!











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Great project, wish we could get those gelatos over here.

Patti J.

What a fun way to greet company! Thanks for sharing your beautiful wreath :)


And AWESOME Christmas wreath! Love the colours and thanks for sharing your inspirational tutorial, Miae!

Marita Summers

Wow! Think I'm going to "redo" some sad old ornaments for our tree at work! Now I'm excited to do some of these... such an inexpensive way to freshen up a tree or wreath!! Thanks for the inspiration!


Great project! i am thinking of a whole sort of possible variations! THANKS!


The wreath is beautiful! This looks like a fun project!

Sue McRae

What a fabulous wreath!


This is so pretty! Thank-you for the tutorial, I think i'm going to give it a try!

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