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12 Days of Christmas Inspirations, Day 12: Paper Poinsettia

Kathy Peterson inspired side view of paper poinsetta

This week I created a fast and fun paper flower to set the perfect table as part of the the Faber-Castel Design Memory Craft Mix & Match design team.  Now if you've ever been intimidated by paint or combining colors,  Faber-Castel makes it really simple for any level of crafting!

Kathy Peterson inspired Step 1 paper poinsettia

Step 1:    Randomly cover most of the paper with the red Gellato ( however leave some white space unpainted). Next sprits with water then  blend the paint with a paint brush.  Allow to dry.

Kathy Peterson inspired step 2 paper poinsettia

Step 2:  Cut out 9 large poinsettia petals and 2 or 3 smaller petals to desired size.  Using the Stampers Pen, randomly color the edges and surface of the leaf cut-outs.  Using the fine pen, draw the leaf veins.   If necessary, apply some white Gelato onto areas of the leaf and blend with your finger tip.

Kathy Peterson inspired step 3 paper poinsettia

Step 3:  Cut a small hole at the base of the each leaf.  Using a chenille stem, bend the stem in half and insert both ends of the stem into the leaf.  Bend the stem to the shape of the leaf .  Assemble all the leafs with stems in a bunch and adjust to shape of a poinsettia flower.  Secure stems by twisting the stems together.   Add a dab of thick glue to the stick pins and insert into the middle of the flower.  Use as a table or gift ornament. 

Kathy Peterson inspired Paper Poinsettia

Stay inspired!  www.KathyPeterson.com


Supply List:

  • White scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • thick white glue
  • Chenille stems (red )
  • Gellato (redcherry & coconut)
  • Pitt artist pen fine point (Deep Scarlet Red 219***)
  • Pitt Artist Pen big brush Stampers pen (Nougat 178***)
  • Stick pins with white or yellow pin heads


KathyFor nearly a decade, Kathy Peterson has established herself as a well-known TV celebrity, author and design expert who is featured weekly reaching 15 to 30 million households each week through her national TV series Town & Country Crafts with Kathy Peterson broadcast on the Family Net TV Network and other cable networks.

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WOW, I never would have thought to add the tinsel. It really adds a lot to the poinsettia.


super cool! love poinsettias!

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