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12 Days of Christmas Inspirations, Day 9: Quick and Easy Christmas Banner

Banner FB yes

How fun is it to make and hange Christmas banners! I love to hangs them everywhere. I hang on mantels, on door ways, over doors, on dressers, on cupboards….. yup, I hang them just about everywhere. I also like to give them away as Christmas gifts. So needless to say ,I love to make new ones every year and I love to encourage my kiddos to help me,  so, I often think of easy ones that we can make up as a family together.

Christmas Banner FB

This fun and easy banner was made with some canvas and canvas and burlap triangles, some baker’s twine and Faber-Castell Gelatos® Colors.

Christmas Banner FB 3

I drew two with two wonderful colors of Faber-Castell Gelatos® Colors on the canvas and then used water to blend the color into the canvas. I started with Blues and Greens.

Christmas Banner FB 5

For the smaller banners I didn’t want that much color so I just dripped some water on the top of the canvas and then I gently touched it with the of Faber-Castell Gelatos® Colors.

Christmas Banner FB 6

I then flipped the banner over and pressed the excess water and color off. I am not going to throw away the paper that I dabbed the excess color on. Actually, I will save it and use it for a mixed media journal page because I love the colors and patterns that were left behind!

Christmas Banner FB 4

When everything was dried, I then glued all my houses on.  I also had fun glittering things up!

Christmas Banner Final FB

Everything was then tied together with some red and white Baker’s Twine.

When we give this away we will write a personal message or initials on the small canvas banners. A quick and easy gift!

I hope that you have a fun and colorful day today!


SusanSusan K..Weckesser is the founder and owner of Susan K. Weckesser Inc. Susan has been teaching, selling crafts and painting for twenty-six years. She also is a freelance writer/designer, editor, photographer and poet. Her work has been published with the magazines Canadian Scrapbooker, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbook News & Review, & Canadian Living. 


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Patti J.

Another fabulous project! Thanks for sharing :)


I adore banners and the houses are adorable,love!!

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