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Jazz Up Your Coffee Sleeve Mixed Media Style (Guest Design Team)

Hi everyone, this is Erin here writing my last guest design team post! I'm really going to miss it!! Today I'm sharing with you this coffee sleeve I altered.

Jazz up your coffee sleeve!

To create this coffee cozy, I took a piece of Sticky-Back-Canvas and traced a Starbuck's coffee sleeve onto the canvas' disposable liner.  I then cut out the canvas and then painted gesso over the canvas side and allowed it to dry.

I then got out some fun stamps and some Stazon Ink and got to work stamping onto the canvas.  I didn't worry about it stamping well, I just wanted the outlines of the design there to use as a guideline.

Mixed Media Coffee Sleeve 2


Next, I took the Cobalt Green 156 Stamper’s Big Brush Pen and scribbled the ink onto my craft mat (you could use some waxed paper if you don't have a craft mat) and then added a little spritz of water to the ink and then painted in my design.  I also used the same pen to color in the design as well.  I love that one pen can look so different color wise!
Mixed Media Coffee Sleeve 2


I painted in some purple too using the same technique and the Maganese Violet 160  Stamper’s Big Brush Pen. Once it was dry I doodled back in the lines that I had painted over.
Mixed Media Coffee Sleeve 2


I also took a Pink Madder Lake 129 Stamper’s Big Brush Pen and watered the ink down too, and then used a toothbrush to platter on some pink!  To add some teal color to highlight the word "love" I used the teal Gelatos™ Color.  Just like I did before, I scribbled it onto my craft mat, added water, and then painted it onto the canvas.
Mixed Media Coffee Sleeve 2


Once my canvas was dry I peeled off the liner and applied it to the coffee sleeve and trimmed it where it was needed.  
Mixed Media Coffee Sleeve 2


I then glued on some trim and glued the two ends of the sleeve together.
Mixed Media Coffee Sleeve 2


And wallah, I was done!
Mixed Media Coffee Sleeve 2


Thanks for reading my posts!  Hope you were inspired to create something wonderful!  






ErinbErin Bassett  Erin is a craft addict who loves to do something creative every day.  She shares her love of all things artsy on her blog and in the classes and events she teaches at.  Erin is a freelance artist, designing for top manufactures and has had many of her projects published in various magazines and books.  She considers it a blessing to be able to call her passion "work". 

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Erin, this is really FUN!! I love those coffee sleeves and to think you can use the sticky back canvas to personalize one is just brilliant! Fabulous project!

this is really lovely and a great idea.

Thanks ladies! There's so much you can do with these...I'm going to make some holiday ones!

I need to try this project! It's beautiful and useful!

No. One would be able to take your coffee by mistake with such a stylish holder

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