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Play Along with Erin - Part 1: Mixed Media Backround (Guest Design Team)

Hi everyone, it's Erin here, back again to share with you some fun mixed media techniques.  You are welcome to play along with me today and tomorrow & create your own mixed media project!

You know what, I love to do art journals, but sometimes the page I'm working on turns out really cool and I want to frame it...so that's just what I did with this piece.  

Rooted and grounded in love frame
Since I knew I was going to share this project here on the blog, I filmed myself as I worked on the background of this page instead of taking a photo of each layer since there are SO many layers!  

Check out this video to see the progression of the background:

I started off with my spiral bound 11" x 15" cold press water color paper art journal that I often use.

 I really like the large size! So, to get started I took a great stencil and layed it on my page.  I then painted over it with gesso, removed the stencil, and let it dry.

Once the gesso was dry I took some of my favorite shades of Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils and scribbled over the page.  Yep, you heard me right...I scribbled.  Sometimes layering different colors over one another, sometimes not.  I also left a lot of white space around the page.  Really, I'm the only one that sees this layer since I ended up putting a lot (and boy do I mean A LOT!) of layers over it.  It's a fun way to just let loose & not worry about how this is going to turn out.


Then once I was done scribbling I took my waterbrush and painted over the scribbles with water to give it a nice water color effect.  I then added a bunch of different layers of Gelatos™ Colors, acrylic paint, and even a stamp.  I eventually wound up with a background I liked!

Rooted and grounded in love -background
Check back tomorrow for part 2 of this blog post where I will show you how I created the rest of this mixed media piece, and feel free to create your own background today following these techniques so that tomorrow you play around with that day's techniques!


Supplies: Cold Press Watercolor Paper, Gesso, Stencil, Waterbrush, White Acrylic Paint, Color Gelatos® 4ct - GREEN (#770158), Color Gelatos® 4ct - BLUE (#770159), Metallic Gelatos® & Clear Stamp (#770155), Art GRIP® Aquarelles: GREEN (#770112), Art GRIP® Aquarelles: BLUE (#770113)



2Erin Bassett


 Erin Bassett  Erin is a craft addict who loves to do something creative every day.  She shares her love of all things artsy on her blog and in the classes and events she teaches at.  Erin is a freelance artist, designing for top manufactures and has had many of her projects published in various magazines and books.  She considers it a blessing to be able to call her passion "work".


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Scribbling is one of my favorite things to do. What a lovely page, Erin! And thanks for the tutorial!!

I think this is really quite stunning! I would have loved to have seen the video tut, but right around the time you started using the Aquarelles, the video gets so choppy it's impossible to view. I tried it on two different computers every way I could think of. I don't know if it's just me or if there's a problem. thanks!

Hi Renee,
Thanks so much for your comment, somehow they must have gotten tweaked when uploading them to YouTube...I've since pulled them down & reloaded them & they seem to be working fine.

Here's the links:
Video 1 - http://youtu.be/O6zq5RL581s
Video 2 - http://youtu.be/2Hwlyoz49Zg


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