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Technique Tuesday: Design Memory Craft and Canvas

Hi guys! Rita Barakat here with a project and some tips for painting on canvas! First let me say not all canvas is created equal!
Not to say one is better than another but you have to know what you are dealing with to get the results you want (I learned the hard way!)
When using canvas you should color test the fabric as there are different weights and they are treated with primers (or as on my latest apron NOT at all!). I will say that no matter what, Gesso (love) is your friend! It will make the canvas easier to paint and a little stiff so you can even draw on it! (It also covers mistakes so you can start over!) So lets get started!

If you haven't used Gesso, or Glaze, or Gel Medium Design Memory Craft
has a sampler pack and this is definitely something you want to try!
So I covered the entire apron with Gesso and let it dry (it dries pretty quick.)
I used my Gelatos and drew some basic lines. I also used Art GRIP ®
Aquarelles to draw some smaller shapes. Then a little water from a spritzer.
Using a sweeping motion, the same way I drew the lines,
I went over them with a wet paint brush, blending as I go.
Drawing more lines,up and down, as this is my "grass".
Repeating the same steps as above, going over the spritzed area with a wet paint brush.
Using blue Gelatos on the outside, white on the inside. Mist the area.
I use a smaller shorter hair paint brush to push and blend the paint around. 
Using pink and red on the heart, blend with a wet paint brush.
I went back and added a few clouds- this is whats nice about Gelatos; you can add layers and changes things up if you don't like something or feel like it's missing.
I colored in my butterflies, then drew in the details with a
Stampers Big Brush. This is on top of Gelatos.
Totally random shapes.
Of course we need a quote. I always start with an Art GRIP®
Aquarelle pencil, if I make a mistake I can use a wet paint brush and blend it away. I used a PITT® Artist
Pen in a similar color, but I didn't like that you could hardly see it. So I went back over it in black.
More details in black...
Much better- some doodling and a flower...
Yep - I can live with this...
And there it is!
Supplies: Faber-Castell *Art GRIP® Aquarelle Pencils
*PITT® Stamper's Big Brush Artist Pens*Gelatos *Textural Accents Sampler
other: Canvas Apron, flower, brad


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Kelly Massman

I love Rita's work! TFS!

colleen mcginty

Beautiful : )

Jen Matott

LOVE this Ria! Now I need a new apron!


Oooh I love this!!!! My shopping list is growing by the day LOL!!

Martha Richardson

I just got my gelatos & I can't wait...thanks for the inspiration!


Very pretty and creative, Rita!!
Love it!!

Jill Foster

GORGEOUS! Love this! And your tutorial is FAB!

Cheryl B

This is just beautiful. Love it.


This is awesome! Was wondering - why did you cover the apron with gesso first?

Rita Barakat

When it comes to canvas you must test the fabric- sometimes you can paint on it and it works great - sometimes it bleeds(that was the case with this apron. Also it makes the fabric a little stiffer and an easier surface to work with.

Amy Buchanan

WOW!!! this apron turned out beautiful! I had no idea you could do something like that with just a plain canvas apron.

Sandra K

This is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Can I ask if you are able to wash it? Do you need to apply any fixative for all the water pencils?

Rita Barakat

Great question! You can wash it but you must primer it with Gesso and seal it with Varnish (in the TExture kit) or it will fade ALOT!!I used a tag and washed it and even with the Gesso and varnish it wasn't as bright as before I washed it. The gellato color stayed the same but the shimmer in the metallic was gone. :(
The PITT pen color stayed the same(India Ink) but the watercolor pencils weren't as bright. Personally I just wouldn't do it.

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