Using Faber Castell Gelatos with Stencils

I am so honored to be able to be on the Core Design Team 2017-2018. My name is Lindsay and I blog at seeLINDSAY. I love to show how easy things are to accomplish and that you don't need a lot of tools to get a great craft or recipe. Today I am going to show you how to use the Faber-Castell® Gelatos® with their coordinating stencils. Something so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't try it before.
How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)

How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)-2

Begin by unwrapping your stencil and choosing your design. I chose the Honeycomb stencil and I used washi tape to help adhere it to the surface before I began mixing my Gelatos. Take your whipped spackle and use a marble size amount and now just spread your Gelatos next to the spackle on your palette. The warmer your Gelatos, the easier it will spread. I mixed 3 different colors with 3 different bits of spackle. How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)-3
Once your color and your spackle are mixed, used your palette knife and spread it over the stencil onto your wood. When you're adhering your stencil, be sure to place it as secure as it can be so that no spackle will go under your image. Lift up your stencil and set aside to dry. How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)-4
Seriously, that's it. It's so simple and gives your project such great dimension. I'm excited to put these chevron arrows into my boy's room. They've been sitting in the garage for 2 years cause I wanted to do something more than just arrows. Now with my Gelatos and stencils they finally have the look I was going for. How to use Faber Castell Stencils (1 of 1)-6
I hope you'll find inspiration in this project.

How to use the Modern Lettering Kit in your art journals


Every task gets easier if you have the right tools. The Modern Lettering Kit from Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® is a set of four pens designed to take your hand lettering to the next level. No, it's not a miracle product - you still have to practice your writing, but you'll notice significant difference in your lettering, drawing and mark-making with the use of these India Ink pens!

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a video tutorial to show you some ways to use the Modern Lettering Kit in your art journals. But before we start, here's a list of the supplies I used for my project.


Faber- Castell Design Memory Craft -

Other -

I hope you enjoyed the video tutorial!


Art Journal Mark Making With Gelatos and Pitt Pens

2017-07-10 18.42.47L

Hi, Belen Sotelo here, with my very first blog post as a member of the Design Memory Craft design team. Today I'd like to welcome you into my studio for some play time. I'm going to share a fun and easy art journal page that's great for artists of any level.


2017-07-10 17.26.36

For this journal page I used Gelatos: BRIGHTSGesso, a Deluxe Waterbrush, Essential Pitt Artists Pens, Pitt Big Brush pens in Dark Chrome Yellow and White, Pitt Artist Writing Pens in Blue/Green, and a palette knife from the Gelatos Tool Set and of course an art journal.


2017-07-10 17.29.14

I started by giving my page a quick coat of gesso. This is a step that I don't spend much time on. I'm not looking for a smooth, even coat of gesso, or even to have my entire page covered. I like the variation that you get from color floating on top of the gesso in some areas, and soaking into the paper in others. Sometimes I even use my palette knife and lift the wet gesso off the page, creating more yummy texture with the tiny peaks and valleys that this leaves behind as it dries.


2017-07-10 17.32.27

I cut wonky flower shapes out of some left over cardstock that I had laying around the studio, to use as masks. You can cut any shape you'd like. After placing my masks down on my page, I used my gelatos to scribble randomly around them.


2017-07-10 17.35.40

While I held the flower masks in place with one hand, I use my fingers on the other hand to blend the gelatos around my page.


2017-07-10 17.40.26

When I lifted off the flower masks, I had a rough outline of their wonky shapes left behind. I used a bright pink to define their shape a bit more.


2017-07-10 17.45.38

To create additional texture and movement on my page, I used a baby wipe and a scrap piece of sequin waste that I had in my craft stash. By placing the sequin scrap in random spots along my page and wiping away the gelatos through the holes, it left some fun texture behind. If you don't have any sequin scrap, you can achieve a similar effect by using a piece of acetate, or craft supply packaging and punching holes in it with your hole punch.


2017-07-10 17.49.52

I added just a bit of blue around some areas of the flower outline, for more definition.


2017-07-10 17.56.10

I used a Pitt Artist Writing Pen to make some random marks in the voids, where I wiped away the gesso.


2017-07-10 18.05.27

Using a medium tip Pitt Artist Pen, I doodled some flowers into the blank outlines.


2017-07-10 18.08.42

Then, using a brush tip Pitt Artist Pen, I doodled in the centers of each flower and made some "x" shaped marks on my page.


2017-07-10 18.14.23

I rubbed my Dark Chrome Yellow Big Brush Pen on my craft mat and used my water brush to paint in the flower petals.


2017-07-10 18.33.10

I then did the same, using a blue Gelatos.


2017-07-10 18.38.14

I wanted to grunge up my page a bit, before calling it finished,  so I used a Pitt Artist Pen to make scribbles and scratch marks.


2017-07-10 18.42.47closeL

I hope you enjoyed hanging out in my studio today. If this post has inspired you to grab your Gelatos & Pitt Pens and make some marks of your own, I hope you'll tag me on Instagram or Twitter @ArtandWhimsy or on Facebook











How to Paint Wild Roses with Gelatos

Hi, Diana Trout here today. I'm excited to share my first post for the Design Memory Craft design team.  Let's paint flowers!

For Roses Final Piece

For this project I used a canvas panel (6"x8"), Gelatos Brights, a Pitt Brush Pen and Texture Luxe Gold to "frame" the painting. 

For Roses Supplies

I used the brush and water to remove some Gelatos for the stems later in the painting. It's easy to "erase" some or all of the Gelatos color using a wet brush or rag. 

For Roses Drawing

The roses are simple doodles done with the Pitt Brush Pen. I like the heavy black line. I varied the size of the doodle flowers and have them cascading down the panel from the top left. (I used the Rule of Thirds for the composition.) 

Once you have your doodles finished, start adding the dark green close to the flower outlines. Try not to cross over the black lines but don't sweat it. I began adding the lighter lime green next. Pushing the creamy Gelatos around and away from the roses. 

For Roses Smudging

Use either the blender that comes with the Gelatos or your fingers. Either way, make sure your "tools" stay clean as you don't want to muddy your colors later on. Just rub any media away on a scrap paper. We'll be crossing the color wheel to reds and leftover green on your tools could make some serious Mud.

For Roses Reductive Stenciling
I added some stenciling to the background using hexagon and dot stencils , 101 Collection. I laid the stencil down and rubbed away the Gelatos® with a cloth. Vary the amount of rubbing away you do. You can use a baby wipe (or wet rag) to take the Gelatos® off completely. 

For Roses Scratching
I pulled out pinks, yellow and orange Gelatos and filled in (roughly) the center of the flowers and the shapes that were created when the doodling was happening. I pushed the Gelatos around and did some blending. You can still see the heavy dark line under the Gelatos but it is faded back somewhat. I left some of the lines uncovered so they would be darker.

For Roses Scratcching

I used my binder's awl to make scratches in the Gelatos; just doodly lines again. Try the non-business end of a paint brush for a thicker line. The white lines around the flowers give movement to my project.

For Roses Detail Stems

For the stems, I removed color using a wet brush. I mixed a tiny bit of green and red Gelato on palette paper for the muddy green color (sometimes mud is a good thing).  I added a little bit of the color near the bottom of the flower and then gently smudging it straight down. 

I finished this piece by brushing Texture Luxe gold around the edges to give it a frame. Ready to hang! I think two small clear Command hooks (top and bottom) will do the trick.

I hope you enjoy this project! The Gelatos are lush and smooshy and very easy to use. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and be sure to let me know if you try this project. 

Watercolor Pencils Aren't Just for Water!


How can Glaze create soft layers of color?  By using it with Stamper's Big Brush Pens and Art Grip Aquarelles! Carolyn Dube here sharing how Glaze can play with these pens and pencils while coloring a few flowers.

Start by loosely tracing over some of the lines in a design with an Art Grip Aquarelle.  You can use a page from a coloring book, clip art, a stamped image, or something you've drawn.

Pitt-pens-glaze-coloring-flower-carolyn-dube-11Usually, you use water with a watercolor pencil, but not here.  Dip a paint brush into Glaze and then brush it over the pencil.  Be sure to put the brush in water as soon as you are finished so the Glaze doesn't dry on the brush.


To add another layer of translucent color, use a Stampers Big Brush and color on a piece of transparency plastic or other non absorbent surface. Then dip your paint brush in the Glaze and mix with the color on the transparency and color in more of the flower.

You can see on the transparency below that each time I did this, I used a fresh or clean area of the transparency.  This is because I want to avoid getting any of the wet Glaze on the pen. Pitt-pens-glaze-coloring-flower-carolyn-dube-14

You can change the intensity of the color by altering how much Glaze or color you use.  I primarily used the Big Brush Pens because the bigger tip goes faster than a smaller tip, but you can also use a standard size brush tip Pitt Pen.


Thanks for joining me for today's play! 

Supplies Used


Art Grip watercolor pencils (I used 121)  

Stampers Big Brush Pen (I used Orange Glaze, Leaf Green, and Dark Naples Ochre)


Transparency plastic (or other non absorbent surface)


1 carolyn-dube-square-300hr copy 

Carolyn is a self- taught mixed media art adventurer who has rediscovered play. She plays with every color of the rainbow, avoid rules whenever possible, and lets the little kid inside of her free.  You can find more of her play at


A Planner Spread using the Essential Planner Pack


Planning with style is a huge trend at the moment. Having fun planner products make our never-ending to-do lists seem somewhat easier to tackle. 

Hi there, my name is Mou Saha and I want to introduce you the brand new Essential Planner Pack from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft!


This handy pack comes with

  • 3 GRIP Highlighter pencils
  • 1 PITT Artist Pen 
  • 2 Designer stencils

You can use it with any planner system you have. It's easy to carry with you when you travel, so you can stay organized on the go.

Here's a quick video to show you how I use this Essential Planner Pack.


I hope you enjoy!


Sweet Doll Tag

Doll Tag

Hi Loves,

Tiare here.   So excited to play with the Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils for this project.  Finding ways to do things just a bit differently makes me smile.  Instead of coloring as I see so many coloring with markers or colored pencils, I decided why not give it a go with watercolors.  The results are yummy, fun and quite satisfying.  Here's what I did...



Now it's your turn.  Please share if this inspires you. I'd love to see what you make.  Just tag me on Instram @iamclassygirl or Facebook at Tiare Smith Designs.  

Supplies Used:

Me in Pink

Tiare Smith is a mixed media/art journal artist and instructor. 

She hosts a variety of online, mixed media workshops, challenges and more. 

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Fly Free Art Journal Page

FC Fly Free Done

Hi Loves,

Tiare here.   Summer time and the crafting is easy...especially with our Honey Medium Kit.    

Grab it along with one of our fun Ice Layers and your all set to create a fun, art journal page and fly, free creatively!

Here's what I did....  




Now it's your turn.  Please share if this inspires you. I'd love to see what you make.  Just tag me on Instram @iamclassygirl or Facebook at Tiare Smith Designs.  

Supplies Used:

Me in Pink

Tiare Smith is a mixed media/art journal artist and instructor. 

She hosts a variety of online, mixed media workshops, challenges and more. 

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June Plan with Me Page

June Plan with Me Page

Hi Loves,

Tiare here.   June is almost here, so it's time to start planning.   

I grabbed the Bible Journaling Kit and Gelatos® Bubble Gum to make a fun planner page, to start my monthly organization.

Here's what I did....  

June Plan with Me Page 2


Now it's your turn.  Please share if this inspires you. I'd love to see what you make.  Just tag me on Instram @iamclassygirl or Facebook at Tiare Smith Designs.  

Supplies Used:

Me in Pink

Tiare Smith is a mixed media/art journal artist and instructor. 

She hosts a variety of online, mixed media workshops, challenges and more. 

Pick up more FREE tutorials from Tiare at